Our team of highly qualified engineers and planners bring decades of experience in providing professional consulting services for a variety of purposes, including a strong emphasis in environmental documentation and compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). We stand ready to enhance any private or public agency team by offering our highly specialized expertise in the traffic engineering and environmental planning disciplines.

Transportation Planning

Transportation Impact Studies
Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) Assessment
Trip Generation Studies
Travel Demand Management Plans
Neighborhood Traffic Calming Studies
Multimodal and Complete Streets Planning
Parking Demand and Utilization Studies
Parking Management Plans

Traffic Engineering

Level of Service and Operations Analysis
Traffic Control Needs Studies
Site Access and Circulation Plans
Gate Stacking and Queuing
Vehicle Turning Paths
Collision & Safety Analysis
Sight Distance Evaluation
Traffic Simulation

Traffic engineering - overhead of roadway turn lanes
Bulldozers Moving Gravel

Noise & Vibration

Noise Impact Studies
Noise Measurements and Monitoring
Construction Noise and Vibration Analysis
Transportation Noise Analysis (Road/Rail/Air)
Operation Noise Analysis
Source Specific Noise Analysis and Modeling
General Plan Noise Element Preparation
Noise Ordinance Compliance
Noise Mitigation Monitoring Plans
Noise Impacts to Wildlife

Air Quality & Energy

EPA AERMOD Dispersion Modeling
Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Climate Action Plans
Construction & Operation Emissions
Source Specific Pollutant Emissions Assessments
Mitigation Monitoring Plans
Odor Assessments
Health Risk Assessments
Toxic Air Contaminant Analysis
General Plan Air Quality Element Preparation
Emission Inventories & Analysis
Energy Consumption Analysis

Smoke Stacks

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